“…I would drink it!”


The sandbox battle continues over at Sarah’s Daughter.

This time she calls out Crimson Viceroy for vocally rejecting women and in so doing delivering a giant Neg to SD. She goes on to say that she would never let him marry her daughter, thereby trying to qualify herself and reject him.

Guess what? He’s already rejected her. He wants nothing to do with her. Anything said in order to reject him post-facto is merely self-qualification. It reminds me of the interaction between Lady Astor and Winston Churchill:
Lady Astor: “Sir, if you were my husband, I would poison your drink.”
Churchill: “Madam, if you were my wife, I would drink it.”

CV, my hat’s off to you. You executed a nuclear Neg without even realizing it.

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17 Responses to “…I would drink it!”

  1. Matthew says:

    A woman’s mother’s N has to have some effect on her.

    • ar10308 says:

      Clearly, her and her husband want the men their daughter goes with to have Game. And if he doesn’t, they’ll purposely keep him away from her.

      Sounds like they are intent on manufacturing a future Alpha Widow.

  2. Oy, she asks, “after seeing how the girls have been raised if he is still scared___________”
    She must not actually be reading any of the comments she so decries from men who have married well raised Christian girls
    She would do well to understand what these girls are being taught


  3. I should have added, the denial of potential frivorce filers amongst her girls (full disclosure I have 2 girls, 22, and 7 yrs, and I suffer no such denial) is akin to the mother who, while frivorcing the dad and faced with statistics that show how poorly kids tend to do after divorce says “but not my kids, Im gonna pray and do this and that and it will be fine”

    Im sure none of the parents of the gals filing the divorces raised their kids as they do….it could be a point though that RLB would scare them into staying married because they would indeed be losers and vermin and masturbating whiners if they were to divorce……nah….that would be the ex son in laws.

    shut me off

  4. Matthew says:

    If a female in your family commits divorce … cut her off. Banished. The End. Anyone else who cares about having any kind of relationship with your family will be afraid of crossing you.

    Healthy families do not tolerate any contact with feral females.

  5. crimsonviceroy says:

    Sorry for the late reply. Thanks for the shout out, man. Yeah, it was a rather interesting dialogue. ESPECIALLY since such a “Christian” woman basically went all full bat-crazy and decided to call me a piece of “s*&%”..thereby torpedoing any chance she had in conveying her message to the audience. It was only then that SSM had to step in..and yet she still showed grace and tolerance to her because she was a ‘friend’. This is the inherent problem I’m starting to have with the Christian manosphere..they try to extend grace to the actual sin that is within women..which is their attraction to evil and dominance. It is very much an evil trait and a curse because of the original sin in the Garden. It is THAT sin that must be quelled. Yet, most of the “Christian” manosphere either tolerates it, at best, or celebrates it, at worst. The men in the Christian manosphere are some of the worst because they look down upon MGTOW’s since we refuse to play by their rules. In their world, they are the alpha’s cause their marriages haven’t imploded…YET. Somehow they think that a few slaps on the ass, a few sly jokes and shtick, and saying “no” to a few demands is going to magically make her more complicit. That’s the most infantile bile I have ever read on the Internet…that’s saying something cause I’ve seen hour long videos of elephants taking a dump (don’t ask, it was my first journey into YouTube). I’d caution you about going muzzle-to-muzzle with these pigheaded idiots and their slut sychophants. SSM has her own beta-orbiters and brood of Alpha thugs who seem to indulge in being “guru’s” at relationships because they happen to have their piece of ass and they just LOVE to show it off to the rest of us single blokes.

    I DEFINITELY agree with your posting about a woman belonging to a man that she had bedded. Funny thing is..by their own admission Elspeth and SSM both fell hard for their past-thug now-husbands. Mind you, these men probably had numbers in the double or even triple digits. Yeah, kind of the pot calling the kettle black when they talk about marrying godly men. Yeah, I know we’re all sinners, but there is a frame to these things. It’s hard for me to take financial advise from a guy who is a known gambler and heavily in debt. These gals decided to run away from what they were taught and thought that they could save the thug and reform him to Christ. **Sigh**…this has to be the biggest slap in the face of young men trying to live an honorable life. It’s bad enough living with that kind of pain..but then when you have to deal with these sluts in corporate worship, when they constantly chide and deride you both directly and indirectly, there is no choice for a man who does not want to commit the sin of murder to remove himself entirely in solitude and seclusion. This is all placed upon his shoulders because even those in the Flock have decided to cast him away for his noble and honorable attributes. It seems the church loves their criminals more than those who quietly follow God. Anyways, before this goes on too long, I just want to thank you for the shout-out.

    • Matthew says:

      Worse, redlegben is a southron-hating yankee.

      • crimsonviceroy says:

        Frankly most of them are very hateful and antagonistic towards the average Joe. Seems as though the average Joe is worthy of their condemnation since they aren’t attractive. Totally pathetic is what it is.

      • ar10308 says:

        They basically believe that if you aren’t a very attractive man (to women, that is) then you’re a bad Christian and God doesn’t love you.

      • ar10308 says:

        I’m a Yankee. And I have no particular affection for the South. It’s hot, has roaches and tons of fat people.

      • Matthew says:

        Yankee proving the point FTW.

      • ar10308 says:

        Why should I have special affinity for the South? I have no ties to it.

        Should I expect Southerners to have special affinity for cold winters?

      • Matthew says:

        I like that answer, ar10308. I take it you wouldn’t take up your namesake to prevent us from leaving?

      • Matthew says:

        “They basically believe that if you aren’t a very attractive man (to women, that is) then you’re a bad Christian and God doesn’t love you.”

        That seems to be more redlegben’s bent than anyone else I’ve seen. Dude acts like a lady. Compensating, as you’ve said, for him being an ex post cuckold.

  6. ukfred says:

    @AR10308, I think that you are better off being ‘unwelcomed’ at that site.

    From what I have seen, the attitude of the poster is not particularly Christian towards anyone who has a view different from her/his own. It seems like it is one long fitness test, and indeed churchian. The attitude to your fairly reasonable challenge seems to be “Retreat to the citadel and pull up the drawbridge! Stand by to repel boarders!” rather than welcoming it because one man sharpens another as iron sharpens iron.

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