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r vs. K: A discussion with Whittle and Molyneux

This is an exceptional conversation between 2 of the heaviest hitters in the new, alternative media. This is worth every second with regards to explaining our modern world.

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Another excellent post by Pastor Kim.

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10 women Christian men should not marry

Originally posted on Christianity and masculinity:
I saw this post on facebook, and clicked on it expecting the usual trope. It actually turned out to be pretty good given what we know about about the nature of women: Corollary:…

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#GamerGate Forever!

More and more Right Wing sources are picking up GamerGate. Excellent.

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Andrew Klaven on Gamergate

And he’s rocking a sweet, controversial shirt.

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Game(rGate) of War: Kate Upton is the Anti-Sarkeesian

It’s time I weigh in a GamerGate a little bit. This is the live action trailer for a Mobile strategy game. It isn’t the kind of game I’d play now, or back when I played more games. But this trailer really makes … Continue reading

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New Church

This past weekend I officially became a member at the church I’ve been attending. It’s a pretty traditional Lutheran church. 70% of the membership is retirement age. And that works just fine for me. I’ve been attending 2 different Bible studies that meet on alternating … Continue reading

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Mainstream Rape Culture Takedown

It’s been many months since I’ve posted. A new job and new town have been keeping me busy. But I think this is important enough to make a quick post about. This is excellent. Steven Crowder is a Conservative pundit … Continue reading

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Mormon’s Demonstrate Proper Methods To Deal WIth Feminists This is how you set the tone that Feminism will not be tolerated within the ranks. You cannot allow them to linger or they will lead more women astray. They must be excised from your Church.

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Abortion: A Positive Experience To Be Shared With Others. The story has to be read to be believed. This young woman films herself during her abortion in order to show other women that it can be a positive experience. “I feel in awe of the fact that … Continue reading

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