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Andrew Klaven’s International Men’s Day

Andrew Klaven is a Conservative political blogger who has worked for PJMedia and PJTv for the past few years. His rhetoric is rather brilliant, and considering he’s spent most of his career in the Hollywood sector and written a few novels, … Continue reading

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Christian women: feminism is not your friend

Matt Walsh is finally coming out as a Anti-Christo-Feminist.

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1 Rep Max Week: Update

New Deadlift PR: 1RM @ 475lbs.New Overhead Press 1RM @ 175lbs.I’m really pleased with my numbers so far and how good I feel after hitting them. My Bench 1RM stayed the same @ 265lbs. I really need to work on … Continue reading

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One Rep Max

Given that there is some drama going on over some people being people, I thought I’d offer some real-life accomplishments I’ve been working on for the past month or two. My only thoughts on the drama between people is that … Continue reading

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Links That Confirm Ideas

“Everyday Sexism” Catcalls men and films the results: Most of the men are caught off guard, but none are hostile or offended. When propositioned, most are willing. Just goes to confirm the old adage that “Women need a reason, men … Continue reading

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