r vs. K: A discussion with Whittle and Molyneux

This is an exceptional conversation between 2 of the heaviest hitters in the new, alternative media.

This is worth every second with regards to explaining our modern world.

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Another excellent post by Pastor Kim.

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10 women Christian men should not marry

This is an excellent collection of Scripture.
Observe the comments. The Truth of the Lord is an anathema to the modern Churchian woman. And such a whore will be banished.

Christianity and masculinity

I saw this post on facebook, and clicked on it expecting the usual trope. It actually turned out to be pretty good given what we know about about the nature of women:


Corollary: http://nycpastor.com/2014/10/23/ten-men-christian-women-should-not-marry/

The comments are particularly enlightening if you want to see a variety of typical emotional responses.

His main mistake is attempting to engage the “Christian” feminists and the like in logical debate regarding the Scriptures. I’ve made this mistake before, even on this blog. They don’t care about what the Scriptures say. Rather instead they say the Scriptures support their opinions without referencing any, and the typical ‘don’t judge’ passage. What they “feel” is right is their truth and not what the Bible says.

However, he does seem to understand that this reaction is normal because of Scriptural quotes from all throughout the NT in defending his points. Likewise, he doesn’t given in to any…

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#GamerGate Forever!

More and more Right Wing sources are picking up GamerGate.


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Andrew Klaven on Gamergate

And he’s rocking a sweet, controversial shirt.

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Game(rGate) of War: Kate Upton is the Anti-Sarkeesian

It’s time I weigh in a GamerGate a little bit.

This is the live action trailer for a Mobile strategy game. It isn’t the kind of game I’d play now, or back when I played more games. But this trailer really makes me want to play it. Because the trailer knows it’s audience.

The trailer stars Kate Upton.

Yup. That Kate Upton. Probably the most sexually appealing woman in modeling and media today. Sure, she’s criticized for being “skinny-fat” (thin, but not toned). But that’s mainly from degenerate, soddomite men in the high-fashion industry who prefer women with the figure of prepubescent boys. The rest of the Internet couldn’t get enough of her during The Fappening, when a number of celebrity phones were hacked and nude photos of her and other celebrity women were cast across the Interwebs.

She strolls through a battlefield of soldiers having it out. She doesn’t lift a sword. She doesn’t parry a blow. She doesn’t launch an arrow. She was born with her weapons.
Her weapons are her feminine wiles: the ability to use slit in her dress and her bosom. All of which she uses to maximum effectiveness. Far more effective than if she tried to pick up a sword or bow. Her weapon is her influence over the men. The captivating power of her gait to urge them on. When one soldier mounts a ballista, she doesn’t yell (a woman yelling battle commands would be ), but breathes the word “FIRE” into his ear.

She ends the advert beckoning the viewer to “Come play with me.” And what man wouldn’t want to?

This advert probably triggered an aneurism in Anita. It is polarized in a completely opposite phase with what she’d want to see.

This ad demonstrates that there are clearly game developers out there willing to go after the true Gamer audience: Young men.

The quintessential desire they are tapping into is a man’s innate and biological desire to fight FOR a woman. Not to fight against, not to fight alongside, but to fight FOR. If you promise men what they want, they will show up.

Helen of Troy had the face that launched a thousand ships. Men fought for her.

Kate Upton has a face that will launch a thousand downloads. Men will play for her.

A modern Feminist like Anita Sarkeesian, has a face that launched a thousand sluts. And Men won’t fight for them.

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New Church

This past weekend I officially became a member at the church I’ve been attending. It’s a pretty traditional Lutheran church. 70% of the membership is retirement age. And that works just fine for me.

I’ve been attending 2 different Bible studies that meet on alternating Mondays. I’m the youngest one in one and the second youngest one in the other (the only other person my age is a married girl aged 29). This week was the Bible study where I am the youngest.

Most of the Bible studies have been pre-prepared studies from a study guide. I usually let the others in the group do most of the talking, especially given that they’ve known each other for 15-20 years or more. I have been able to add in various ways to the discussion when topics come up that are outside the realm of most peoples’ expertise.

We’ve been discussing the Old Testament and going through some of the major stories, and touched on the topics of why God so frequently had the Israelites completely annihilate so many different people groups. I was able to point out why when God calls for violence in the OT, it is different from other religions, specifically Islam. Someone brought up the Crusades and I discussed how they were actually justified and that it was Christian Europeans taking back land that had been conquered by Muslims, and that the Muslims had committed horrific atrocities against the Christians (sound familiar to today?).

The discussion resulted in a number of the study members asking me to facilitate the discussion next time. I didn’t want to accept, mainly because leading a Bible Study where every single person in it is double my age isn’t what I was expecting to be doing. But I did.

So in a few weeks I’ll lead a Bible Study with 15-20 people who are all in their 60s. I guess that’s one way to establish Alpha cred in a new church.

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Mainstream Rape Culture Takedown

It’s been many months since I’ve posted. A new job and new town have been keeping me busy. But I think this is important enough to make a quick post about.

This is excellent. Steven Crowder is a Conservative pundit who borders on mainstream. He is an occasional contributor on FoxNews. To have him so openly coming out against the Feminist concept of “Rape Culture” means that being anti-Feminist is verging more and more into the mainstream.

The sources he uses are here.


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Mormon’s Demonstrate Proper Methods To Deal WIth Feminists


This is how you set the tone that Feminism will not be tolerated within the ranks. You cannot allow them to linger or they will lead more women astray. They must be excised from your Church.

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Abortion: A Positive Experience To Be Shared With Others.



The story has to be read to be believed. This young woman films herself during her abortion in order to show other women that it can be a positive experience.

“I feel in awe of the fact that I can make a baby. I can make a life. I knew what I was going to do was right, because it was right for me and no one else,” she concludes. “I just want to tell my story.”

She’s so in awe of the fact that she can make a baby that she has to make a video of herself destroying that which she is in awe of.

She did it because she wanted to do what was right. Right for her. Right for no one else. Including the boy or girl she had conceived and would have birthed.

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