Mainstream Rape Culture Takedown

It’s been many months since I’ve posted. A new job and new town have been keeping me busy. But I think this is important enough to make a quick post about.

This is excellent. Steven Crowder is a Conservative pundit who borders on mainstream. He is an occasional contributor on FoxNews. To have him so openly coming out against the Feminist concept of “Rape Culture” means that being anti-Feminist is verging more and more into the mainstream.

The sources he uses are here.

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Mormon’s Demonstrate Proper Methods To Deal WIth Feminists

This is how you set the tone that Feminism will not be tolerated within the ranks. You cannot allow them to linger or they will lead more women astray. They must be excised from your Church.

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Abortion: A Positive Experience To Be Shared With Others.

The story has to be read to be believed. This young woman films herself during her abortion in order to show other women that it can be a positive experience.

“I feel in awe of the fact that I can make a baby. I can make a life. I knew what I was going to do was right, because it was right for me and no one else,” she concludes. “I just want to tell my story.”

She’s so in awe of the fact that she can make a baby that she has to make a video of herself destroying that which she is in awe of.

She did it because she wanted to do what was right. Right for her. Right for no one else. Including the boy or girl she had conceived and would have birthed.

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Andrew Klaven’s International Men’s Day

Andrew Klaven is a Conservative political blogger who has worked for PJMedia and PJTv for the past few years.
His rhetoric is rather brilliant, and considering he’s spent most of his career in the Hollywood sector and written a few novels, his method of communication is very clear and message always has a poignant bite to it.

Here is the video link:

Here is the blog post which is merely a transcript of the video and a comment section. It is a very active comment section.

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Christian women: feminism is not your friend

Matt Walsh is finally coming out as a Anti-Christo-Feminist.

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1 Rep Max Week: Update

New Deadlift PR: 1RM @ 475lbs.
New Overhead Press 1RM @ 175lbs.
I’m really pleased with my numbers so far and how good I feel after hitting them.

My Bench 1RM stayed the same @ 265lbs. I really need to work on my form before it will improve.

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One Rep Max

Given that there is some drama going on over some people being people, I thought I’d offer some real-life accomplishments I’ve been working on for the past month or two. My only thoughts on the drama between people is that if the Manosphere can be killed or declared dead by a few people having blow-out, personal disagreement, then it isn’t worth a damn. A small number of people do not own the Manosphere, so they have no authority to kill it. Otherwise, what kind of pathetic, simpering frame is that?

I’ve been doing a strength training routine called StrongLifts 5×5. It is based on your current strength (established 1-Rep Maximum) and then builds gains into sets of reps over the course of 5-6 weeks. THIS week is the week I establish my new 1RMs for the next session.

My previous 1RMs were:
Back Squat: 285lbs
Bench Press: 265lbs
Overhead Press: 160lbs
Deadlift: 435lbs

Today I hit my NEW 1RM for Back Squat @ 315lbs. I added 30lbs since starting this routine at the end of February. That’s a huge gain, although it is very typical to see huge gains in the beginning. Still, feeling the success and improvement is motivation to push harder.
It feels really good to see and feel the results of this training.
I do owe a lot of credit to a guy I work with who has been giving me some serious coaching, especially establishing the proper form of my lifts. He’s been Power Lifting for a number years and he can put up some serious numbers.

So do you even lift, bro?

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