New Church

This past weekend I officially became a member at the church I’ve been attending. It’s a pretty traditional Lutheran church. 70% of the membership is retirement age. And that works just fine for me.

I’ve been attending 2 different Bible studies that meet on alternating Mondays. I’m the youngest one in one and the second youngest one in the other (the only other person my age is a married girl aged 29). This week was the Bible study where I am the youngest.

Most of the Bible studies have been pre-prepared studies from a study guide. I usually let the others in the group do most of the talking, especially given that they’ve known each other for 15-20 years or more. I have been able to add in various ways to the discussion when topics come up that are outside the realm of most peoples’ expertise.

We’ve been discussing the Old Testament and going through some of the major stories, and touched on the topics of why God so frequently had the Israelites completely annihilate so many different people groups. I was able to point out why when God calls for violence in the OT, it is different from other religions, specifically Islam. Someone brought up the Crusades and I discussed how they were actually justified and that it was Christian Europeans taking back land that had been conquered by Muslims, and that the Muslims had committed horrific atrocities against the Christians (sound familiar to today?).

The discussion resulted in a number of the study members asking me to facilitate the discussion next time. I didn’t want to accept, mainly because leading a Bible Study where every single person in it is double my age isn’t what I was expecting to be doing. But I did.

So in a few weeks I’ll lead a Bible Study with 15-20 people who are all in their 60s. I guess that’s one way to establish Alpha cred in a new church.

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3 Responses to New Church

  1. donalgraeme says:

    Glad to hear you’ve found a place to fit in.

  2. trugingstar says:

    Maybe you should find a different Bible Study, though. “Why all the killing? Why the Crusades?” Oh, man. No.

    Final thought: I really don’t care about 100 y.o. cliques and what have you, I usually just talk over that crowd. It’s not like they *own* the church, or that church is about them. You have a say in that group too.

    • ar10308 says:

      You don’t seem to grasp the situation very well. It’s not that I care that much about the cliques, since I’m really not part of them, it’s that I respect the fact that most of these people have lived life together for the past 30+ years. I’ve just become a member, but they understand the future of the church depends on younger people like me.

      It’s also really nice to be in Bible Study with women who aren’t disrespectful of their husbands and men in general, and don’t Hamsterize the heck out of a typical Bible passage. Both of which are much I’ve found rampant in more Evangelical circles.

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