1 Rep Max Week: Update

New Deadlift PR: 1RM @ 475lbs.
New Overhead Press 1RM @ 175lbs.
I’m really pleased with my numbers so far and how good I feel after hitting them.

My Bench 1RM stayed the same @ 265lbs. I really need to work on my form before it will improve.

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5 Responses to 1 Rep Max Week: Update

  1. Agapoula says:

    Well done. This is great. I am at 165 for the overhead but I am pushing myself to get to 175.
    Keep going! 🙂

  2. Agapoula says:

    NB. I am obviously joking. I can probably overhead lift about 25. Hahahaha.

    Nice post AR, you are doing excellent.

  3. TheRon says:

    Good lifts! How old are you and what’s your bodyweight? I’ve been lifting since 1964. I recently cleaned and push pressed 165 on my 66th birthday. But I weigh 195, so that’s not spectacular.

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