A Tale of Two Shitstorms

The first tale is a of a well-weathered shit-storm.

Recently at Roosh’s Return of Kings, Tuthmosis wrote an article entitled “5 Reasons To Date A Girl With An Eating Disorder“. It hit critical mass after women started re-Tweeting it and posting it on Facebook. Needless to say the response amounted to the typical threats of death, dismemberment and violence. Roosh and Tuthmosis were besieged on Twitter etc.

During the entire ordeal, both Roosh and Tuthmosis, maintained their frame and stood behind the article and knocked down all comers. They even went so far as to post some of the Tweeter’s they interacted with and rank them based on looks.

The second tale is one that has not been well-weathered and is still ongoing.

This past weekend, Paul Walker of Fast and Furious fame was killed in a car accident. It is a tragic event because every story coming out about Paul indicates that he was one of the most awesome car guys you could possibly hang out with.
Then Adora Bull had to go and write “Top Five Reasons I’m Glad Paul Walker Is Dead” for the Modern Woman Digest. This article found its way into a car forum or two and the comments went nuclear. Similar to the RoK response, threats of death, violence and rape abounded.

How is, Adora Bull, the author weathering the storm? Not so well.

Adora Bull On Suicide After Receiving Flood Of Death Threats From Paul Walker Fans


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2 Responses to A Tale of Two Shitstorms

  1. zodak says:

    fyi, that modern woman site is a satire site. poorly written & not funny but it’s fake.

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