Manosphere Recommendation

The Matt Walsh Blog is a great source for purple-pill and Conservative political thinking.

He has some great articles on political happenings but also touches on marriage and relationships quite a bit from a Biblical perspective.

It is mostly Trad-Con thinking, but the comments section is a good place that some Purple and Red-Pill ideas can be shared and discussed with those outside the Red Pill community.

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3 Responses to Manosphere Recommendation

  1. Will S. says:

    Hey, sorry, haven’t been here much if you’ve discussed it before, but what is ‘Purple-Pill’? Is that a reference to Blue-Pill types who have hit upon some Red-Pill truths but aren’t willing to give up all their Blue-Pill thinking, so who have some kind of hybrid going on, mix of truth and falsehood in their thinking about women?

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