Women Disarming America: 4.0

The past 2 weeks have been very eventful in the world of attacks on unarmed people. Early last week a deranged man entered the Washington Navy Yard and shot and killed a number of people. Having personally been to the Navy Yard and in the building that this man entered for the purpose of having meetings for a job I once had, it was rather unnerving to hear about. The Navy Yard is a very well guarded location, I won’t divulge any details regarding the security, but suffice to say, you wouldn’t expect an individual to be able to get through with a gun.

This event prompted a whole bunch of media out-cry. Liberal pundits did the usual by immediately jumping to conclusions and claiming that this individual had used an AR-15 (he did not) and called for it’s ban.

Needless to say, Feminists had to chime in on this as well. And obviously they had to directly relate it to a pet topic of theirs: Abortion.


The right’s response to the DC shootings has been predictablyawful, though not as awful as that Wayne LaPierre presser last December when the NRA head suggested that the only way to stop “a bad guy with a gun” was “a good guy with a gun” (curiously, no word yet on why there were apparently no “good guys with guns” at a Naval yard).

As you would predict, their story is filled with emotional drivel and intentionally left out facts. The main being that Active Duty personnel are prohibited from carrying weapons on military bases. The only ones who are permitted are the security forces of a given base. The base does not permit commissioned officers to carry a sidearm. Therefore, those up on the 3rd and 4th floor of that building had to wait for the security to get there for help. Obviously, this directly relates to how long a woman should have to wait to get an abortion.

Ironically (she typed, bitterly), the same cheap suits who are so concerned with their constituents’ liberty as it relates to shooty toys are willing to regulate the hell out of the female body. When you take a step back and take a look at the big picture, which includes both women and the more-deserving-of-freedom gun, things look downright… embarrassing. State legislatures have enacted 40 different abortion restrictions thus far in 2013, many under the guise that they “protect women” from dangerous abortions. But clinic-targeting laws are a solution in search of a problem; only around 400 women have died from legally performed abortions since 1973, which averages out to 10 per year. Dogs kill a few dozen people per year. Hell, abortion kills slightly more people annually than falling vending machines, and you don’t see politicians waxing centrist about making Sour Cream N Onion Tater Skins “safe, legal, and rare.” Meanwhile, the number of people killed annually by guns in the US? About 32,000. By 2015, some analysts predict gun fatalities will exceed traffic fatalities in the US, based on current trends.

See, abortion has only killed 400 people. Of course, that’s if you don’t include the actual people who have been aborted. Then you’d have to add a few zeros to that number.

And I’ve still yet to hear a solid argument of where in the Constitution abortion is declared a Right, unlike the Right to self-defense against criminals and tyrannical governments, but that’s too much to ask from a Feminist. You see, the US Constitution isn’t written with enough emotional words to be so easily manipulated by Feminists. But all Progressives needed were a couple insane rulings like Wickard V. Filburn to determine that not participating in the commerce was the same thing AS participating in commerce to get the rails greased for their plans to destroy freedom and the rule of law.


Gun assholes are people who are so up their own crusty barrel that they find it appropriate to use the tragic deaths of people whose bodies aren’t even in the ground yet to make a point about how great guns are.

Again, we have your typical Feminist projection, with some shaming language thrown in. Within minutes of the news of the Sandy Hook tragedy hit the airwaves, it was Feminists like Michael Moore and Nancy Pelosi who immediately began sending out Tweets about increasing regulations on guns. The NRA waited an entire week to allow the dead to be grieved and shock to reside before coming forward with a statement about increasing funding for school security and offering training to teachers nation-wide to prepare for such an event. Which leads us to our next link.


As most of you have heard, there was a horrific terrorist attack on a mall in Nairobi, Kenya perpetrated by Muslim extremists. There was a man there who was able to save nearly 100 people because he had the training and confidence to carry it out because he was carrying a firearm. At this point, it is unknown whether or not he shot any Muhammadite scumbags, but the proof is in the lives he saved by being ready to do so. This is what Men do. They are prepared. They carry a firearm without any intention of using it and the hope they never have to, but should the need arise, they will be prepared to meet it. This is what Feminists and Progressives aim to remove, the ability and preparation required to meet a threat to the lives of those we care about and their freedom.

This weekend, I will be training my old boss on how to use the Glock he has just bought. The man is in his early 60s and recently he decided that he needed something else in the home to defend his wife, daughter and her son. A man is never to old to stand up for himself.

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2 Responses to Women Disarming America: 4.0

  1. Thank God for this man who saved 100 lives!
    I don’t understand why anybody should have a problem with men arming themselves, when we don’t know if/when it will be needed in this day and age. If we find ourselves in this situation we will thank God for the skilled gun holder defending us.

    And this “Only 400 people died from as a result of abortions” upset me, it is outrageous and disgusting, a complete disrespect for the lives of all the innocent aborted babies. Who are these women to talk like this?don’t they have hearts?

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