Shellie Zimmerman: Modern American Wife

Shellie Zimmerman is the ultimate Modern American Wife. She’s obese, unsupportive and always looking for a better offer.

After beating a ruthless and malicious media campaign and prosecution for defending himself against a vibrant young teen, George Zimmerman has a wife that has decided she needs some time in the spotlight by divorcing him in the most public manner possible.

Obviously, George is being a selfish husband by continuously having his name appear in the national media with any action he takes. And because of this Shellie is just unhaaaaaaappy. Needless to say, for being such a supportive wife, she deserves some serious benefits.

“The soon-to-be former Mrs. Zimmerman wants George to pay for a permanent life insurance policy with her named as the beneficiary.

She’s also asking for equal distribution of “checking accounts, trusts, partnerships and any unknown assets,” including any money that may come from a defamation lawsuit pending against NBC or reimbursement claims against the state of Florida.”

Obviously she deserves to be paid a substantial amount of money if some vindictive blacks should decide to murder him, and she is also entitled to half his legal defense fund, created and funded entirely by private donors for the purpose of defending George against the Black Grievance Industry (BGI). She is also entitled to a pay-day should George win any of the defamation lawsuits his is currently bringing against several media outlets who intentionally manipulated evidence to alter public opinion and create the conditions necessary for a mob-style lynching.
After-all, Shellie is entitled to this things because she was a supportive wife who was in constant and vocal public defense of her husband and routinely put her life and reputation on the line for it.
Except she did none of that.

Today, events got out of hand.

George was scheduled through his attorney to pick up his belongings from his soon-to-be ex-mother-in-law. Shellie had already done so and was already moved out, so there was no reason for her to be at the house when George arrived.
However, she decided to show up anyway. And she came with a plan, probably suggested to her by her attorney. She planned to call 911, throw out some key words like “knife” and “gun” that would get the police riled up and have George arrested and provide extra momentum for getting her way demands in the divorce.

However, it didn’t work.

There were witnesses. And those witnesses have told their side of the story. And because of this, Shellie and her Father have refused to give sworn statements on their lies. Which is a massive victory for George Zimmerman. 

All over America, this story will play out, but there won’t be people to refute the lies of a wife determined to destroy her husband.

This is what happens when wives and women are given power they were never meant to have.

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5 Responses to Shellie Zimmerman: Modern American Wife

  1. Anonymous Reader says:

    Another modern wife.

    Money quote:
    Nobody is shocked at all … She’d been telling people she knew she never wanted to be married, she just wanted to have a wedding, and that’s apparently what they were arguing about.”

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  3. Wilson says:

    Getting married, being involved in your neighborhood, it really does make a man a mark in modern America. The courts are going to be a little disappointed that Shellie botched the effort to give them a more satisfying villain to punish, but they’ll make do, and she’ll get everything she wants

  4. deti says:

    Shellie Zimmerman: The Typical American Wife.

    According to George Zimmerman’s Wikipedia entry, he was born in October 1983 and married Shellie Dean in 2007, making him 24 at the time. By her looks she is roughly the same age. That would make her around 30 now, give or take a year or three. Married at 24.

    She is a cosmetologist. Works in occupation based on enhancing physical appearance, requiring some education but not particularly rigorous.

    She and George have no children.

    She is heavily made up, has frosted hair, and is obese. Indicates she is self-absorbed, self-indulgent, and has a much higher opinion of her SMV than it really is.

    Watches husband go through national media exposure of criminal trial in which his life hangs in the balance.

    Publicly throws her own husband under the bus to capitalize on her newfound notoriety and to extract as much from impending divorce as possible. Calls her husband “selfish” and says she is “afraid of” her husband in an interview to a journalist.

    Probably fully expects to land a “better deal” after the judge signs the divorce decree.

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