FEMEN Led by A Man, Exposed By Jezebel

So it turns out the brains behind FEMEN in Eastern Europe is guy. A guy who is fantastic at getting women to expose their breasts in public and arrested for “their” cause. He comes across as a diabolical combination of Hugo Schwyzer and Roissy.

You can’t make this stuff up.


Jezebian Comment of the Year: “So I guess that explains why all of the FEMEN activists I’ve seen are very attractive women?“Because we all know what Feminist activists look like when they aren’t selected by supremely Machiavellian/Dark Triad Alpha male:
*insert LindyWest.jpg*
That also explains why they’ve made news around the world.

This just goes to prove that even the best Feminist Activism Strategists are male.
Can’t you ladies do anything for yourself?

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3 Responses to FEMEN Led by A Man, Exposed By Jezebel

  1. donalgraeme says:

    You just can’t make up stories like these. Just goes to show…

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