Ruthless Defenders of Male Space

One of the last male spaces is the online gaming community. It remains mostly male due to the pressure that men can apply to women to keep them out.

This one is brought to us by Jezebel and they give us some excellent lessons on how to preserve male spaces.

1. It’s your fault for choosing a username that reflects your gender. You should change your name to something that is gender-neutral.
2. If you are concerned about this, report it to the police.
In other words, even though these personal threats were against the game rules, the game’s staff assumed no responsibility for enforcing the rules, or else blamed me for ‘provoking’ the male players. (One game operator did tell me that I ‘provoked’ the threats by ‘playing too well’ and suggested I deliberately lose more often so as not to bruise male egos. This game operator was, by the way, female.
Eventually, I complained to the CEO himself of the gaming company and his response was to ban me from the game because he was ‘tired of hearing about this problem’. The players who threatened me with rape, mutilation and death are still active in the game and some of them have been given jobs as game operators (the referees of the game).
Before I was banned, one of the game operators, an employee of the company, released my real-life details (full legal name, physical address, email, telephone number, link to my social media, such as Facebook, etc.) to thousands of other players (I had given this information when I registered for the game) and encouraged people to harass me outside the game, which several of them did. I had to change my mobile number, cancel my Facebook account, and even considered moving house at one point to escape the harassment.

The moral of the story is that if men want to maintain or reclaim male spaces, they must create environments where women cannot survive. The other component is that the woman cannot be catered to when she complains about this hostile environment. She cannot be allowed to alter the space, which would allow other females to subsist as well. Mars cannot allow itself to be terraformed to the requirements of Venus.

A unique component of online gaming male space is the type of male that resides there. Most are Gammas or lower. They have been utterly ignored and rejected by women (unless Princess needs homework answers) for their entire lives. Most are incels and want little to do with women invading their space. They are very hostile and the anger that’s directed towards women who enter their space is an out-pouring of that.

The gaming company’s main mistake was to release her personal information to the community, however her claim on this  makes this story somewhat unbelievable.

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10 Responses to Ruthless Defenders of Male Space

  1. Emma the Emo says:

    Somewhat off topic, but found this brilliant (but typical) quote:

    “I’m getting really fucking tired of men telling me to “get over” rape threats.

    Unless you live under the constant fear of rape, don’t fucking tell me it’s not scary and it’s not a problem. Unless you plan your life around avoiding rape (like nearly all women have to do), and have to consider rape when planning where to go out, who to do out with, what time to go home, how to walk to your car safely in a dark parking garage, what friends you can trust to drink around, what friends you can trust enough to hang out in their home, what coworkers it’s safe to be alone with…I don’t want to hear it. It’s bad enough we have to constantly think about rape – don’t try to marginalize it! ”

    I hate it when western feminists say that, but they keep saying that. I’m not sure I believe them when they say that. They should move to certain African countries and then worry about rape. I don’t think most western women worry so much about rape (and if they do, they shouldn’t – men don’t go around worrying about being killed, although there is a higher chance they will. Don’t “worry”, just take precautions).

    This rape paranoia of theirs might keep them out, but it will also motivate them to come back with a backup comprised of white knights and manginas (and police force).

    I’d say one rule is great: “If you know this group of people is dangerous, violent or irrational, don’t enter it. Don’t try to prove anything to them, make them act like you think they should”.

    • ar10308 says:

      They use rape the same way they use sex: as a means of gaining power over men.

      When a Feminist frames rape, she claims that it is about power not sex, but that is because a woman views sex AS power from her perspective. She so frequently uses her sex to get power and influence that the two become practically the same thing. So, when discussing rape, she uses the idea of rape as another method of power over men. She uses it to silence men and any and all questions or disputes that may arise on the topic.

  2. donalgraeme says:

    I’m not a huge fan of Vox’s system, but I think his description of Omega fits a lot of men who populate Online Gaming Communities.

    This gets me thinking…

    Would you agree, AR, that there aren’t a lot of Alpha/Beta (Vox system) types who frequent the OGC? If so, it makes me wonder if that is in large part why they have largely resisted female intrusion. I know that more than one manosphere commenter has speculated that feminism, in all its forms, received a lot of support by attractive men, as it gave them better access to women. If there aren’t a lot of attractive men in OGC, then perhaps that impetus to let win in doesn’t exist from the inside.

    • ar10308 says:

      I would agree with your conclusion. The women aren’t interested in the men who spend significant time in OGCs, so they remain mostly uninvaded by women.

      • donalgraeme says:

        That is a different basis for the same conclusion, and one that makes a lot of sense. Probably even more. Just as men go to where the attractive women are, women go to where the attractive men are. I think it is a stronger theory than the one I advanced, that attractive men invite women into their “spaces.”

    • ar10308 says:

      If you were to follow Vox’s exploits regarding the SFWA (Sci-Fi Writers of America) forums, you’ll quickly find out that there are very few women there and the ones that are there are nearly all unattractive and nearly all grasping for power or the attention of the AMOGs. Otherwise, is full of Omegas and White Knights who do not stand up to these women.
      A decently attractive woman could walk in and run the show if she wanted to, however the men are so unattractive that Hypergamy is not satisfied.

      Same goes with the OGC.

      • donalgraeme says:

        Missed your reply, sorry about that. I had noticed that SF and Fantasy does tend to draw a lot of Gammas/Omegas to it. I wouldn’t be surprised if a woman could do that, but wouldn’t want to.

  3. zhai2nan2 says:

    I don’t accept this woman’s claim of harassment at face value.

    If she has a credible complaint, why does she refuse to name the gaming company?

    A woman who gets genuine verbal abuse online usually posts the details, including the name of the game company.

    Likewise, the CEO said she should complain to the police. That suggests that her complaint was truly without merit, and that the CEO was not afraid of taking it to the authorities.

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