Arrogance, Ignorance on Parade

Here, we have a frame that is stronger than it deserves to be. It has a child’s intellect and can only resort to the tactics of removing people who disagree with the conversation at this point. Once that happens, nothing else needs to be done to show that it is about preserving the fragile frame of the author rather than having a good debate.

I also think it is funny that he has his wife informing those that have been unwelcomed to their blog. He does this so that he doesn’t have to address each person and so that he can show that the person they are excusing from the conversation that they don’t matter by sending a woman to kick them out. I get it. It’s a cowardly attempt at a power play. It looks weak because he clearly cannot withstand a vigorous debate and sends his wife to send everyone away who disagrees.

I did call out RedLegBen on the motivation for his screed and I stand correct. He’s an arrogant moron with a selfish and infantile understanding of the Bible. He married a whore, so now ever other man has to do the same or they go against Scripture.

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20 Responses to Arrogance, Ignorance on Parade

  1. donalgraeme says:

    While it is clear that RLB has gone off the deep end, and won’t listen to reason now, that doesn’t mean you should descend into the gutter either. That last sentence goes too far and I think you should delete or change it; you are better than that.

    • Matthew says:

      The last sentence provides a plausible explanation for the disingenuous zeal.

      • Retrenched says:

        Could explain a lot of RLB’s AMOGing and faux alpha posturing… Hey, didn’t Mark Driscoll marry a promiscuous woman too?

        I mean, more power to them that it seems to be working out for them in their case, but to then say that this something that a man MUST do, that this is the standard by which men are going to be judged, just because that’s what he did… makes no sense.

      • ar10308 says:

        Driscoll most certainly did.

  2. donalgraeme,
    Don’t worry about the last sentence, I would never have written about my abominable past if I was concerned about a class of individuals who would use it as ad hom. Part of the contemplation of doing so was actually in knowing this would occur. Because sluttiness has become a new normal in our society, I know there are many girls out there with sins like my own. Should they read this and wonder what my story is, my prayer is they go to my site and read “Amazing Grace” and “Broken into Beautiful.” The more my story is told, regardless the manner in which it is told, the more potential I have to minister to women guilty of the same sins.

  3. gdgm+ says:

    Hi AR,
    I made a couple of quick comments in support of you, when I recently discovered SD’s blog. Since then, while I wish SD and RLB well, I’ve found that for me, RLB’s writings have gone off the deep end. So while I’ve looked at SD’s blog on occasion, I have no reason to comment on it further. Thanks.

  4. Amicus Curiae says:

    I am actually suprised this hasn’t been more of a dust up and that this is the first article i read elsewhere about it. It is a shame, I use to like that blog. I didn’t bother commenting over there as those topics were not really a place for open dialogue. there are a number of problems with those articles. Not the least of which is how adamant RLB is about marriage being mandatory. The basis for this being that if you are not married you are going to fall into sexual sin guaranteed (based on the dismissive nature of his be a monk lines). It is agreed that outside of marriage the temptation to sin sexually is very strong, but there that temptation exists in every single aspect of life. We are all sinners. It is incumbent upon us to go forth and sin no more but that is a difficult path to walk, grace is what lets us continue walking after we stumble. More to the point, what does he think the guy looking for a wife is doing. Does he think while looking for a wife a man is not tempted into sexual sin?

    I have tried and am unable to comprehend his anger and rage at “those whiners.” Ya they can be annoying ya they kinda need to get a grip move on and live as they want to live. but the complete ignorance and dismissal of them as an attempt to create awareness and help others avoid the problems they encountered leaves me dumbfounded. complaining and whining is not likely the best avenue to attempt to bring positive social change but to dismiss it out of hand leaves me speechless. the attitude of I wifed up somebody and made here compliant so you should to ignores the giant problem that our society actively tries to produce unmarriagable women. to dismiss out of hand any attempt to fix that problem is ridiculous.

    That said, i really want to see his article ripping apart divorced men that are not doing everything to get thier ex’s back. for if it is terrible for the single man to be tempted by sexual sin it is equally as bad for the divorced man, without an annulment, who can not remarry.

  5. Amicus Curiae says:

    i would like to point out that on the very first article donalgraeme had a good response to RLB’s rant and it was completely ignored as it didn’t fit RLB’s frame of posturing. RLB just wanted to chum the water get a few people out and beat up on them. He quite obviously didnt actually keep an open mind as to his challenge of showing how it ban be biblical to GYOW. The point of this journey is not to walk it perfectly but to attempt to walk it perfectly. The existence of temptation and the possiblity (liklihood) of sin do not invalidate the path. GYOW simply has a different cross to bear.

    By RLB’s logic if men masterbating means GYOW is unbiblical, seeking marriage is unbiblical based on the frequency in which people engage in pre-marital sex. That is also a sin and equal to masterbation in the eyes of God.

    • ar10308 says:

      RLB and SD are constantly changing the frame so that they are correct. Even in the more recent posts from Deti, they change from it being immoral to MGTOW is bad because they are bitter. They change their target as soon as someone knocks the previous one down and their frame of “RLB is Right” is preserved.

      • donalgraeme says:

        The shifting of the goalposts is why I am no longer engaging on the topic. There is no desire for discourse, for debate. When I raised the issue of the effectiveness of shaming techniques on men, it wasn’t even addressed.

        I am sad really. I used to very much enjoy the blog, but if that is what I will always face there then I’m not sure it will keep visiting.

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  7. Sigyn says:

    Just in their defense, to be fair, RLB seems to be having some health problems right now which are causing him pain. This can lead to being a bit overaggressive and quick-tempered sometimes. Maybe once his body settles back down for him, he’ll downshift a bit?

  8. I have written and deleted several posts for my blog that indirectly delved into RLB and his proclivities. Each time, my frustration came to the fore and I decided not to go there. I note several comments here that echo what I told them, I used to like the blog before he went wall eyed bat shit crazy.

    There is no excuse adequate for his behavior. There is no need to go and try to reason with him. And if he manages people in real life this way I feel sorry for those who run afoul. The drill sergeant shtick got boorish, but if that were the only problem it would just be boorish. The ever present claims of hyper logic born of being a physicist, while failing to even skim the surface of rhetoric forensically followed by name calling and insults about losers and such is absurd.

    Then that she came to his defense was a little bit alarming and a little bit sad. That was to be a blog where he was leaving some written legacy for the kids?

    I was left again deleted and given the demand that I answer his question by email if I hoped to post again. But I don’t. Nor do I have any idea what the question even was.

    My comment here means I failed in terms of cheek turning

    • ar10308 says:

      I understand your frustration. The whole situation is ridiculous. And I don’t believe for a second that he is a physicist as he claims.

      I do not blame SD for supporting her husband, however. She is his wife and that is her duty.

      • Supporting her husband is not what I took issue with SD about. That would be somewhat generic. Hers was targeted content as well as piling on with more insults. Anyway…

        Neither do I buy the physicist thingy.

      • ar10308 says:

        Hah, well in a reply to SSM on SD she said that she thinks that MGTOW should just leave the Manosphere so they don’t bring their negative attitudes about women around the few women in the Manosphere. So I think that about closes her blog off in terms of being part of the Manosphere.

        To even suggest that the bitter and angry men leave the Manosphere because they are bitter and angry is a bridge too far. Where the hell are they supposed to go? And if they aren’t welcome in the Manosphere, then how dare it call itself the Manosphere?

  9. well, that’s right isn’t it. Some of us are Christians, others not, some evidently so, some less evident, its my unashamed frame which is why I took such great exception to the comment “we are Christians here, be gone vermin”….that was really when I got the most exercised.

    The women who are in the manosphere, and who to varying degrees get our points can learn a whole lot from even the most ardent a-holes. When someone starts down the path of asking how that differs from angry feminists I just leave off, if they cannot see the answer, they will not see it.

    There are but a very few men who actually DO fit what they seem to be getting at. If we could all circle up I’d bet we came up with the same names, and there MAY be 5….I cannot think of more. I am specifically talking about those who frequent the same spaces the rest of us quasi nuclear bunch do.

  10. Oh, she showed signs of being one who was on track, or teachable, or open, whatever, and had wise council of her own.

    What it shows is that the separation between Driscoll and real red pill Christians is a chasm a millimeter wide and infinitely deep.

  11. Ton says:

    There was next to no sex and my former marriage did nothing to help me keep sexua sins in check. Seems to be, my situation is not unique and there is no real grounds to base his assumption of marriage protecting a man from sexual immorality

    I stopped reading that blog because neither appear willing to deal with the reality of a broken world. They pay lip service to the reality, then promptly ignore it.

    It’s pretty damn hard to not have “negative” altitudes toward women, as frequently any honest assessment of typical female behavior is going to be critical

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