Women: Disarming America 3.0


“A new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll shows that 65 percent of women favor stronger gun laws, compared to 44 percent of men. That’s consistent with previous polling; a recent Quinnipiac University poll showed 61 percent of women and 45 percent of men in favor stricter gun laws.”

There you have it. Officially, women want this nation disarmed. They literally cannot conceive of the potential consequences that it would bring. They can only think of their immediate, personal safety and have no regard for the larger picture. The sheep would literally feed this nation to the wolves by declawing and defanging the sheepdogs.

I stand by my position that the 19th Amendment should be repealed.

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8 Responses to Women: Disarming America 3.0

  1. okrahead says:

    Yes, isn’t it ironic that those who have the most benefit from the 2nd amendment are those most eager to destroy it. Despite what you see on television and in the movies, a woman is no match for a man in a physical confrontation…. unless she has a gun, and knows how to use it, in which case all bets are off.

  2. donalgraeme says:

    As TFH would say, women don’t seem to understand cause and effect very well.

  3. sunshinemary says:

    I stand by my position that the 19th Amendment should be repealed.

    Yep. That’s a petition I’d sign.

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  5. Martel says:

    I think that repealing the vote for women is a bit strong.

    Perhaps a new 3/5 compromise…

    • ar10308 says:

      Hah! That was originally only intended as a way of determining how many seats a given state got in the House.
      However, it could be very easily be repurposed.

  6. Retrenched says:

    It can be said that the 19th Amendment endangers all the others, because once leftists are able to persuade enough women that the 2nd/1st/4th/5th/etc. Amendments need to be repealed “for the children” or “for our security” then you can pretty much kiss them goodbye.

    Yes, NAWALT, but most women are always going to put security before freedom when the two are seen as being in conflict. Which is why once women are given the vote, government grows and freedom shrinks.

  7. andrewmichaelmedina says:

    “The sheep would literally feed this nation to the wolves by declawing and defanging the sheepdogs.”

    Sheepdog? Wolf? We’re both still Canus Lupus. We have more in common with the wolves than we will EVER have with the sheep. Why don’t we just reconcile and have ourselves a buffet if it gets that bad?

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