Today was a bit of a trial run for the Manosphere becoming mainstream. A man named George from the 3rd Millennium went on to a live chat hosted by the Huff-Po to talk about the cruel mating habits of women with women who openly admit it. He faired well, dispensed some Red Pill wisdom and kept his dignity.

The ladies gabbed, and the White Knights White Knighted.

Rollo made similar observations that I did about what will happen when any Manospherian is given a microphone by the MSM.
By walking onto their stage, you allow them to control the frame of the conversation. You are playing by their rules, and their only rule is “We Always Win”.
They will use the things you say as a method of creating conflict and conflict is a fundamental element of a good drama or story. You will be the villain and they will theatrically slay you to the resounding applause of the hamster audience. This is the narrative that they intend to sell and profit from. And they have gotten extremely good at it.

Based on what we saw today, I would say that it is no longer advisable for ANY Manospherian to appear on ANY media hosted by the MSM. It is not that you cannot handle yourself, as George most certainly did a good job of that, it is that you will be battling in THEIR FRAME. And as we all know in relationships and arguments, whoever controls the frame, wins.

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3 Responses to Framed

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  2. Senior Beta says:

    But check out how Roosh did on the Ukrainian TV expose. Handled himself pretty well. But he could give a shit about talking to American feminists. All in all I agree George did well. And it would be a lion’s den for anyone. Maybe we can sacrifice one of the old guys. I nominate Mark Minter.

  3. AAB says:

    ‘And as we all know in relationships and arguments, whoever controls the frame, wins.’

    There’s a present day example that the principles found in ‘The Art of War’ are applicable in every situation.

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