Wife of Cain

In my church small group on Monday, we were discussing Genesis 4. My small group consists of 3 married couples, each in their late 20s/early 30s with 2 children and myself.
In Genesis 4, Cain’s wife isn’t given a name. She was referred to as “Cain’s wife”. We were discussing this passage in my small group and the Churchian wives became offended when one of the husbands refered to his wife as “Wife of John” (his name is changed to protect the Alpha move). When I asked why she didn’t consider the title to be a position of honor, she stammered out that it “Just sounds so Old Testament…” as if that validated why she didn’t like it. I let the matter drop since she certainly couldn’t explain herself and didn’t even use the phrase “wife of insert-man-here” for the rest of the evening (I didn’t want to overuse the neg), but I will hold on to it for future occasional use.
As Sis has pointed out in her recent blog, the husband’s responsibility is to initiate sex with his wife. When the wife refuses his advances, she not only violates New Testament orders but falls directly into the sin and curse of Eve by denying that it is her husband’s authority and responsibility to do such things. She is downright preventing him from doing what God has commanded. It truly is an attempt to turn a husband’s honor, responsibility and privilege into a weapon to use to manipulate and coerce him.
“And you shall desire to control your husband and he shall rule over you.”
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7 Responses to Wife of Cain

  1. Sis says:

    Thanks for the linkage! I don’t know what I’d do in that situation, maybe point out the term wife is a cherished position of honor and she has a strong leader and provider because of it. it doesn’t take away from her identity, it makes her more.

    • ar10308 says:

      That’s kinda what I was getting at by my implications and hoping that she would get it.
      I flat out asked her why she didn’t consider that an honorable title and she just couldn’t answer. And the thing is, her husband has a lot natural Alpha qualities, played college baseball, socially dominant in a friendly way, always decisive and had a lot of really hot girls on his arm through college.
      It’s just the oversized hamster of the modern Churchian woman…

  2. Sis says:

    A joke would have been good, maybe “I know someone who”ll take you John, if she’s not interested anymore”

  3. okrahead says:

    I’ll go out on a limb here and theorize she could not accept “Wife of John” as title/name because it is not something distinct from her husband, owned by herself, and thus not under her (sole) power. Accepting “Wife of John” would mean, on an emotional as well as a rational level, that she concedes ownership of herself (and thus her body) to another person. And what good little feminist churchian could ever do that?

  4. ukfred says:

    I was relieved to discover here that I was not the only one in a small group from church with churchian members. Some of our group seem to think that they only need to listen to what is preached on a Sunday and never have to open a bible from one weekend to the next. I don’t know if it is Methodist culture rather than the Presbyterian culture that i grew up in, but the number of people taking a bible into church on a Sunday is less than 5% (yes, five per cent) and the projection software does not display every reference the preacher makes to different passages in Scripture, if in fact he or she does make a reference.

    For ‘fill ins’ between Christmas and Lent, we looked at Philemon and Obadiah. On Obadiah “I have never read this before. I don’t think I have ever heard a sermon on it.” On other parts of Scripture “Are we really meant to obey those rules?” “Those letters to the churches were really harsh. Do you think that God sees our church like any of them?” “Wear a hat? Paul has got to be joking”

  5. I know a guy who hyphenated his name in reverse of the way his wife hyphenated her name. It was like 4 people were there, or a random name generator, or……something.

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