Wretched Hive

“You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and hypergamy. We must be cautious.”
Currently, my job has been moved into Washington DC proper. Since I haven’t found a new job yet, I have followed it. The job sucks, since I produce nothing and gain no skills or useful experience from it. I haven’t moved from my location which is somewhere along the I-95 corridor between Baltimore and Wilmington, DE.
The new location requires me to wake up at 3:30am, board the train at 4:50am and be at the Union Station Metro station around 6:20am. Before my job was moved, I would hop in my car at 7:30am and be on site before 8am. Needless to say, the current commute is unsustainable for me.
Four hours per day on rails is a soul-sucking existance. For someone who is used to a 25-30min blast on back-roads (that takes me up and down through all six gears of my manual car), being a on train is slavery. I feel completely isolated from my independence. No wonder the Socialists of this nation are obsessed with building massive rail networks. Slaves are best moved by train.
One of the only decent parts of this commute is seeing the numerous hyperganauts on the Metro. Nine times out of ten, then are wearing a skirt and pantyhose with either flats or heels. They are also glued to their iPhones ten times out of ten. They are all off to their government, make-work jobs (mine also falls into this category) where they will chat around the Keurig machine and complain about whatever. They are pretty, alluring and corrupt. They are the prostitutes for Uncle Sam. And Uncle Sam will never love them back. Which is why they will try so hard for that next promotion, yet never be satisfied. They will take training courses from sources that are beyond worthless (http://www.dau.mil/default.aspx, imagine a Liberal Arts course that was nothing but jargon and codified to the lowest common denominator minus the human inspiration whose only purpose is to learn you on government minutia).
Seeing their clothes, jewelry, shoes and purses it makes it very clear that they are consumers. This consumption isn’t limited to just material things, but rather relational as well. They will consume any shiny Alpha personality traits you perform for them. They will consume the attention you give them. If they like them, they will give you time to perform more, and once you disappoint and expose some Beta, they will discard you. They will gladly consume whatever fucks an Alpha deems to give them. All this leads to her consuming you. In Genesis, Eve was cursed to “desire after” Adam. In the very next chapter Sin “desired after Cain like a lion”, Sin wanted to consume Cain and it eventually did. Eve was cursed to consume Adam, and here in our society, she has been given free reign to do so. Even on an economic level it is readily apparent. Women do not produce as much as men, therefore they need men to produce a surplus so they can consume some of that. This isn’t a problem if men are given just compensation for their surplus labor. However, the current social rules are completely stacked against men ever getting that just compensation, in fact they are stacked on DENYING it entirely.
Knowing full well what these hyperganauts are removes quite a bit of the allure. As do the consequences outlined by Paul:
1 Corinthians 6:15,16 15 Do you not know that your bodies are members of Christ? Shall I then take away the members of Christ and make them members of a prostitute? May it never be! 16 Or do you not know that the one who joins himself to a prostitute is one body with her? For He says, “The two shall become one flesh.”
It wouldn’t be very difficult for me to practice game on these women and become successful at bedding them. That is what they want. However, the consequences of doing it are not something I wish in my own life.
Becoming One Flesh with a prostitute will kill your soul. Doing so with dozens of prostitutes (hyperganauts) will blacken it.
Roissy and Roosh have both spoken to this effect. While their lives are theirs to what they wish, they fully acknowledge the consequences of the paths they have chosen. Becoming One Flesh with a women who has become One Flesh with dozens of other men implies that you are One Flesh with them as well.
To the woman at the Well, Jesus pointed out that she didn’t have one husband but five, she was One Flesh with FIVE men. The importance to which Jesus assigned sexuallity is demonstrated right there. She was spiritually One Flesh with five different people. It makes one wonder how many husbands these hyperganauts on the Metro have?
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8 Responses to Wretched Hive

  1. okrahead says:

    In Arkansas there are currently a ton of jobs with the fracking industry producing clean (natural gas) and abundant energy. You can also carry your long gun without a permit; permits are only required for handguns (concealed). There are thousands of miles of back roads which are friendly to manual transmissions as well.

  2. donalgraeme says:

    It really is depressing, isn’t it? To see those hordes of young women, many quite good looking, all go about their mindless tasks. All of them completely unsuited to be wives and mothers. Even worse, to know that many of them eventually will end up marrying some poor fool who doesn’t know what he is signing up for.

  3. Chris says:

    @ Donal: agree. And this is why I avoid Wellington (the Capital). The problem is that the Washington / Virginia/ Maryland conurbation is the richest part of the country.
    @Ar10308 — if you need to stay in the USA (if you can get out, do so) then see if you can get a job in the American Redoubt: Montana, Wyoming, and the Dakotas.

  4. A♠ says:

    Excellent post.

  5. Bee says:


    OT Warning:

    I remember you saying you had made a pdf backup of CL & 7man’s blog before they took it down.

    How do you do that without being the blog owner? I am referring to a blog that has not had any posts since 2010, therfore I would like to back it up before it gets abandoned. This blog:


    Great Married Red Pill info.

  6. Bee says:


    Thanks for the help.

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