SAHM WOD: Vacuum AMRAP 15mins, (As Many Reps As Possible)

Time to get off that couch and do some vacuuming like you mean it. Through some squats in there too to lift and shape that mom-butt and you’ll get your cleaning done and your workout in.

I can smell a whole product line of stuff with the theme of making housework harder and heavier. Weighted dusters and vacuums, speed rags and the like.

Don’t blame me. If they NYTimes is bold enough to print this, it sure as shit must be true.

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One Response to SAHM WOD: Vacuum AMRAP 15mins, (As Many Reps As Possible)

  1. Hamster Tamer says:

    Kismet timing here. As a kid who grew up in a college town during the original mini-skirt era (known to serious men as The Apollo Moon Mission Era), I have both memories and photos showing that wimminz of college age being obese, was the rarest of rare things. In fact, most were pleasantly “tennis fit” and/or “recreational swimmer fit”.

    Say what you will about The President’s Council on Physical Fitness, but we went OUTSIDE, and did something physical, approx. 350 days/year. Walked/biked everywhere. There was no mom chauffeuring kids. DRIVING to cross-country or basketball practice? Re-dic.

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