Women: Disarming America 2.0

Sorry for the nearly month-long posting hiatus. I have no good excuses, just nothing to specifically add and my mind has been extremely pre-occupied with this issue.


This Reddit thread demonstrates who gun owners are up against: The indignant, illogical Hamster millions spinning at progressive-speed.

The author of this article is very cognisent of the stakes at hand and what they represent. It isn’t written from a directly Red Pill perspective, but the subtext can be easily observed.
“The  Obama administration’s current warpath against so-called “gun violence” — which  is Newspeak for non-violence committed by non-criminals with their non-illegal  private property — is a brazen challenge to America’s manhood.”

“If  this man gives in and hands the officers his weapon, he will feel for the rest  of his life that he has been broken — that when push came to shove, he did not  have the courage to stand up for his children’s future. This, in short, is how  the federal officials who sent the officers to his door want him to feel, and  how they want everyone to feel: weak, ineffectual, emasculated, and submissive.  It is how they want you to feel when federal agents molest your wife at the  airport, and photograph your pubescent daughter in a naked scanner. It is how  they want you to feel about your “private” health records being permanently on  file with a half dozen federal agencies, to be opened at their discretion. It is  how they want you to feel about the thousand bank-breaking regulations you are  obliged to comb through and comply with in the names of “sustainability,”  “social justice,” “anti-discrimination,” and a dozen other fronts in the war on  self-governance.”

Repealing the 19th Amendment would probably prevent an upcoming gun prohibition era of violence that will make Alcohol Prohibition (brought about almost entirely by women) look like a rough game of dodgeball.
If the AWB is passed, in any form, it will be the biggest shit-test the men of this nation will have ever faced.

If you are a Red-Pill aware woman, I can’t emphasize enough that you should invest in learning how to handle a firearm, as a life skill. You don’t need to become some high-speed operator, but knowing the basic functions should be something you are capable of. I know I would teach my First Officer such skills.

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  2. “Women: Disarming America 2.0 | ar10308” really enables
    me contemplate a small amount extra. I personally enjoyed each and every particular portion of this post.
    Thank you ,Kirsten

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