AR-15’s Back-Ordered: 1 Year


Well done Liberals. You’ve sold more guns in 10 days than the NRA ever could.

Hope you got yours.

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9 Responses to AR-15’s Back-Ordered: 1 Year

  1. sunshinemary says:

    There’s a lot of chatter on AR blogs about how this will all blow over and there will be plenty of stock within a short time. Personally I’m not convinced of that. I’m really glad I put in the extra legwork to get HHG’s.

    • ar10308 says:

      Depends on how the legislation goes…

    • I agree with the thought that this will pass without new laws. There are over 80 million gun owners in America; compare to 61 million Obama votes. The last thing the Democrats want to do is pass a gun control bill; if they touch the issue, they’ll get blown out of every moderate state. The commission, and putting Biden at the head of it, is an attempt to appear to “do something” to respond to this high-emotion period without actually doing anything that could inspire blowback or cost key players their careers.

      I at least hope I’m right; I’d finally decided that my spring-summer project was going to be an SPR-like rifle.

  2. holyhandgrenadeofantioch says:

    OK… I got mine. Now what?? You’ve seen the pict. that SSM posted, here’s the scoop on it.
    Scorpio Tactical STI -15T lower, LWRC M6-AK 5.45x39mm upper ( “LWRCI’s patented short-stroke gas-piston operating system”, full 8″ quad-rail, A2 flash hider) and a UTG- CQB red/green dot site. Custom built by an owner of a little ‘hole in the wall’ gun shop close to us.
    Could have knocked me down with a feather. I was so excited that I felt like smoking in the afterglow. BUT now the hard part comes – using it, ammo for it, and cleaning it.
    Custom made- so no manual. 5.45 not an everyday/Walmart caliber. I found a few web sites for bulk (good price for old Russian surplus in “spam-cans”). Then there’s the scope to zero. MAN- I’ve got to find someone with land to shoot on. AND THEN (as if I didn’t have enough 1st world problems) there is finding the time to do it all in. Of course having not even fired it yet I find myself wanting another one. I know getting out to the range is the best start, but I fear looking like a total idiot. OK I’ve taken enough time. I hope someday I can actually contribute to the discussion instead of just asking so much.
    Thank’s again,
    all best wishes
    **PS – Santa also got an NRA membership for each of our stockings.

    • ar10308 says:

      Well the good news is that you are in the game now. With that Lower, you can swap to a different Upper if you ever desire.
      With regards to advice on take-down, functions, cleaning and zeroing, I’d let this site be your guide:
      Basic cleaning items I’d recommend are: A Bore-Snake, Hoppes #9 Solvent, cotton patches, Q-Tips, brake cleaner (for degreasing), some rags and then a good gun oil for lubricating things once cleaned.
      For Ammo keep an eye on these sites (everyone’s sold out of everything):|830

      I find with guns it is just to do bits at a time. No reason to rush with things.

      • dannyfrom504 says:

        JUST found out about your site. and i thought i was the only gun guy in the sphere. i recently posted a pic of all my ladies. once i knew i wasn’t going to be leaving the US after leaving Spain. and since i’m in norf florida, gun laws are VERY lax (tbh all along the gulfshore all the way to texas.) and i’m retiring just outside of san antonio.

        i JUST into the AR game with an S&W SMP. LOVE it. but i REALLY dig my AK. we plink paint cans with it at my boys place back in louisiana.

  3. 22to28 says:

    This is awesome. I love watching political policies blow up in people’s faces. I got mixed feelings about gun control, but being Canadian, this is outside my neighborhood anyway. So for me, there is great fun to be had in watching liberal attempts crashing and burning. I don’t even watch TV any more.

  4. Joseph of Jackson says:

    I saw this coming and purchased 3 a couple of years ago. Just sold two of them for about 2500 a piece. People are looking for them everywhere right now.

  5. 7man says:

    Why is it that gun guys also like silver?

    Two days after initial offer they have only sold 614 medallions. I am going to buy 10. I think everyone posting on this thread can afford $330 to also buy 10 ounces of silver. Price = 10*(29.10+2.99)+8= about $330 on 2/25/2013.

    This is $2.99 over spot plus shipping. I expect these to be selling on ebay for about $75 within 45 days.

    Why not invest in something that will likely make you some money, makes a statement and supports a just cause? My challenge is for each of you to buy 10 and from this blog we can add at least 100 ounces bought to the total sold.

    Disclosure: I have no financial involvement in this venture.

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