Women: Disarming America


With the recent news of Dick’s Sporting Goods removing semi-automatic rifles from their stores, their Facebook page is receiving quite a bit of feedback.
What is not entirely surprising is that the feedback is split almost exactly by gender. Women are nearly unanimous in support of the move, while men are nearly unanimous in their opposition. Opposition is receiving nearly twice as much feedback as those in support of the move. Some of those posting are noticing and point out this fact.

Which leads to an interesting question:
Why do women routinely try to disarm the men who mean to protect them? Then after they disarm the men, they shame the men for being unable to protect them. It is truly mind-bottling.


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9 Responses to Women: Disarming America

  1. feminizedwesternmale says:

    Because it really is that bad (the slope/trajectory)… the society we live in, the Civilization going down the toilet… pretty much the most awful things said that still have the ring of Truth, they are true. Behold, our Feminized-Judeo-Liberal Orthodoxy, and their lackeys. Plan accordingly.

  2. Because they don’t “do” cause and effect, they hamsterwheel about what feels good in the moment, like “doing something” to respond to tragedy.

  3. allamagoosa says:

    It doesn’t really help that most women have little to no interaction with guns and tend to only hear about them when something like this happens. Personally I take great comfort in knowing my rural neighbors have guns, because I live in an area with a cougar problem and I can deal with my horse being spooked by gunshots better than I can deal with being attacked by a cougar.

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  5. holyhandgrenadeofantioch says:

    I wonder what “Dick’s” did with all of the stock they had. Probaly a bunch of store managers sold it to themself’s, and are now sitting on a little goldmine.

  6. anon dude says:

    I think Whiskey pointed out that most women have a “War Bride” mentality when it comes to violence. From an evolutionary fitness standpoint its better for a woman to just surrender to a conquering enemy and have his babies than fight back and die.

  7. poester99 says:

    Because they can always depend on government to protect them. The police are their knights in shinning armor, average men might as well just not exist in this dynamic.
    This is despite the fact that the police will be rarely if ever be there in time to prevent something

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