8 Adults

I’m not going to comment profusely about the tragedy in Connecticut today, but I’ll say a few things.

In American media culture today there is a HUGE reluctance to face the reality of the situation regarding any topic. Facing reality means dealing with difficult facts and limiting yourself to what is actually possible. Liberals/Progressives/Marxists (those who control the media) cannot do this, therefore they cannot begin to face the answers that these situations require.

If one of the EIGHT adults that died in that massacre (the media always includes the shooter in this number, so I subtracted 1 because he died of his own choosing) had been armed with an effective means of defense, you’d have more children alive today. The person with the greatest capacity to prevent a greater tragedy is the one who is there when it starts.

Victims who fight back live longer. They also draw fire away from the helpless targets and give them time to flee. A teacher returning fire would drastically cut-down on the body count of such an event due to the removal of the offensive initiative from the shooter. The shooter has to react and react defensively. The shooter is no longer impervious or god-like, free to smite as he/she pleases.

Until these very difficult truths are faced and reacted to you will see no change in this type of behavior. Which is exactly how those in control want it.

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3 Responses to 8 Adults

  1. ukfred says:

    Which is why in the UK, the government are so against having an armed populace. Too many killings these days are by the police who act as prosecution, judge, jury and executioner all in one. Look up Jean Charles de Menezes to see a perfect example of this in action.

    • ar10308 says:

      It blows my mind that the UK police can justify killing anyone unless they are threatening lethal force at very moment.

      • ukfred says:

        You really need to read the reporting on what happened to Jean Charles de Menezes. The first police statements said he looked like he was trying to lose a tail was the next, when he caught a bus to one station, found it closed and then caught a bus from there to another station. Then he had a bulky jacket that could have been hiding a suicide bomb vest and he vaulted over the gate at the Underground station. He was wearing a normal blazer type jacket and CCTV showed him walking calmly through the barrier and validating his ticket. He was held by one plain clothes policeman while another shot him in the head multiple times, either six or seven, because he did not responnd to police warnings but surprise surprise the CCTV camera in the carriage where he was did not produce any evidence either way, but none of the other passengers remembered hearing any warning before he was assaulted and shot.

        Seriously, the UK police seem to be out of control. The riots last year it was alleged were allowed to take off because the police wanted to argue that they had insufficient numbers of policemen. The riots started after another man was shot dead by police and there is argument as to whether he was armed or not. There is now talk that serving police officers conspired to accuse one Government minister, Andrew Mitchell, of abusing them and calling them ‘plebs’, considered serious because he had gone to Eton, the same top private sector school in the UK attended by David Cameron and Boris Johnson.

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