Deck The Halls – Victoria Secret Style

Just enjoy it a few times. They can’t really sing. A few aren’t native English speakers so they don’t know the words and get frustrated, they improvise, drop things but are endearing and cute the whole time. They are portrayed as having quirks and slight flaws. Some people have a problem with that. Just like they have a problem with it if they were portrayed as flawless.

Of course the shrikes over at Jezebel are angry that they made these supermodels look like sweet, charming and fun women by using the endearing outtakes instead of portraying the siren-goddesses that they are supposed to be. But then again, what would Jezebels know about being sweet and charming women? Not to mention they wail about the portrayal of women in the media as nothing but sex-objects with no personality, but here VS has gone ahead and shown that these ladies have fun personalities to go along with their looks, but the Jezebians aren’t happy about that either, probably because there is no distasteful snark, which is the only language they communicate in. The other obvious factor is jealousy. The Jezebians are so jealous of these women that no matter how they put out the video, they will be enraged by the fact that these women exist and they are getting the attention that a Jezebian never could.

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