Why You Should Learn To Dance

In August, I started Swing Dancing (Lindy Hop). My purpose in this was 2-fold: Meet more women and develop a softer skill (for some reason women don’t flock to car shows and shooting ranges by themselves).

Back in college, I went to a swing dance event and learned a few basics, and I got some compliments from the females I danced with, so I figured I ha some basic aptitude for it. I’m also tall and have a big frame, so leadership through movement is easy because I just move naturally and the girl just follows.

Why you learn Ballroom/Swing Dance:
1. Lots of approach opportunity. There are TONS of girls who WANT you to ask them to dance. In probably a hundred or so dances, I’ve had only 2 girls turn me down. It gets you used to approaching and develops your initiative.
2. Lots of chances to practice talking to these girls. After a song, chat them up, sit at a table for a few minutes, close for the number. You could do this multiple times an evening.
3. LOTS of women. TONS of them. Most are 20s/college age, you get a few divorcees, and group of high school girls every once in a while (be careful with them, you may not know until you ask).
4. Default Alpha position. You, the man, lead the dance. She cannot lead the dance. She must follow. It cannot work any other way. When she tries, it sucks things up.
5. Easy competition. Most of the guys are pasty and doughy. If you are at all hard, muscular and stand with Alpha body language, you will stand out quite a bit from these guys.
5a. Since most of these guys have NO GAME. If you can pass a basic shit-test, you stand out far beyond most of these guys.

At this point in my dancing, I’ve reached a place where I know a lot of moves, but haven’t gone social dancing in so long that I’m having trouble connecting them. I plan to remedy that this Friday evening. I’ll start with girls who are beginners, then work my way up to dancing with girls I know who are better and better. I still have yet to dance with some of girls who are at the top tier of dance hall, but I’ll do that once I’m warmed up. Or maybe I’ll just wait until later in the weekend when I go to the free practice they have, where the freedom to fail is greater.

If you want to read more about the culture of most ballroom/swing dance clubs, I suggest reading the writings of a much more accomplished dancer:
Captain Capitalism’s Dancing WisdomHe also has a good rant here:

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