The Future of Marriage Proposals: The Dowry

In light of several people beginning to discuss the idea of marriage proposals from men to women:
It has brought into question of why society places the onus of asking for marriage on to men. The Jezbian and Slute writers quoted by SunshineMary lament that women still expect men to do it. Neither propose a solution to this quandary (other than jokingly suggest that women just asking men) and that is because they don’t like where the solution would take them.

Now, this woman is in her late 20s/early 30s and has been hard charging up the career chain and making bank the whole way. She probably doesn’t have much to offer in terms of being a good wife or mother, but she’s made some money. She rode the Carousel hard and wasted her youth and tightness on those who paid nothing for it.

What would it take for a man to agree to this woman’s marriage proposal, especially if he was already being given everything he needs in the LTR (sex, food, living together) and doesn’t want to face the consequences of a potential Frivorce, and doesn’t have the incentive of a hot young, pleasant wife? Well, she would have to add some extra incentive and assurance.

So what kind of extra incentive? It would have to be rather significant and something he would definitely enjoy.

How about a Porsche Cayman S? Or a lightly used Nissan GTR? Or house?

More important than what the gift actually is, we will be looking at the potential return of the Dowry. Paid for by the desperate, foolish woman herself. It will be a token that attempts to repay her potential husband all the things she can’t give him and instead gave to others.

For this to happen, men would have to stop giving in to the social pressure of the Female Imperative and start demanding more for their own company. If men were to become Red Pilled en masse, such an occurrence wouldn’t become uncommon. And as the years go by, more and more men are internalizing the Red Pill without even realizing it.

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8 Responses to The Future of Marriage Proposals: The Dowry

  1. sunshinemary says:

    A dowry paid by the woman herself – brilliant, ar10308! It wouldn’t even be a horrible idea for non-feminists to do it; I would be willing to pay a dowry to a high-quality man willing to marry one of our daughters if it meant I wouldn’t grow old with a houseful of crabby spinsters! 🙂

  2. 22to28 says:

    Obviously this is in jest, because we all know that it isn’t going to be the social norm any time soon and if its not the social norm, don’t expect women to be OK with it.

    However…I think that this is about what it would take for me to get married at this point. A part of me really would like to be married, but given what is now taken as normal in society as well as what is currently considered normal legally speaking, I think we would have to have a talk about my new Nissan GTR.

    • ar10308 says:

      “However…I think that this is about what it would take for me to get married at this point”

      The question I asked myself is just that: What would it take for me to risk marrying a known former-Carouseller??
      And a Porsche or GTR are the answers I came up with.

      • 22to28 says:

        Although we are talking about carousellers here, I think the moral of the story is this:

        “Unless society suddenly opts for a different approach, you cannot afford to marry a carouseller. It isn’t worth it. Find a virgin or don’t marry at all.”

  3. Chris says:

    AR… you would imperil you state of mind. Sliding scale, from whatever she is driving for a young trad girl to a Maybach or Bugatti as compensation for a household of crabby spinsters.

  4. Hamster Tamer says:

    It will be a token that attempts to repay her potential husband all the things she can’t give him and instead gave to others.

    Brilliant! Inevitable! But settling for a mere car, even a higher-end Porsche, shows that you are yet a young man, with young friends, and thus do not know just how expensive a frivorce can get. Throw in the incalculable duress of being cutoff from your own children, and we’re talking about a Jay Leno or Jerry Seinfeld stable of cars, PLUS a Gulfstream V biz jet!!
    (*cue Fender Stratocaster, w/ “wokka wokka” sound pedal… *)

  5. pavetack says:

    Sorry, AR, but a Cayman S isn’t much of a dowry if a man expects to have to sell it to finance the divorce. Even a pre nup wouldn’t help, given how they cannot affect child support, and child support has become de facto alimony.

    • ar10308 says:

      Actually, my point for the dowry was to start the marriage on equal ground. Especially if she’s given parts of her to others, then she must make up for that by some gift of significant value.

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