Black (Rifle) Friday

People bought so many guns on Black Friday that they practically crashed the National Instant Check System (NICS) which Federal Firearms License (FFL-Gun dealers) use to conduct instant background checks on people buying firearms.

We are experiencing record firearms and ammunition sales in this country. It is estimated that about 90million Americans own guns, but that is only those who respond to government surveys, so there are probably more (maybe another ~10million) who do but don’t want to be recorded as owning any. The current estimate is that these Americans own around 300million guns, but I’d increase that number to 350million for the same reason as above. Suffice to say that Americans sense something and are arming themselves to the teeth in response.

Praise God and pass the ammunition.

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19 Responses to Black (Rifle) Friday

  1. sunshinemary says:

    Amen to that. My husband wants to add an AR to his collection. He’s a tad concerned about possible future bans and the like.

  2. Cautiously Pessimistic says:

    I’m torn on getting a long gun. If the SHTF and I lose my glasses or they get scratched, a long gun would be next to worthless to me aside from the barter potential. I’m probably overthinking, and I expect I’ll end up getting something low price/reliable. But unless I get lasik or an equivalent, I won’t be investing in much more than a minimally decent piece for long range shooting.

    • Cautiously Pessimistic says:

      And yeah, I’d dearly love to own a firearm that isn’t on a registery somewhere. When the police rounded up all the guns during the Katrina fallout, that was all I needed to see to cement in my mind the value of an unregistered firearm. It’s a shame I care about being lawful.

      • ar10308 says:

        Firstly, there is no Federal requirement to register firearms.

        What state do you live in? Private (non-dealer) sales of handguns and semi-automatic rifles are completely legal in most states (just not crossing state lines). A private sale is usually done via cash or cashier’s check. Totally legal if you don’t live in DC, NY, NJ, CA, MD, MA, IL. Just check your local newspapers/for sale classifieds. Also, gun shows typically have a bunch of guys selling stuff privately all over the place.

    • Anonymous Reader says:

      CP, you should have many spare pairs of glasses, then, and a back of the head strap to keep them on. There are fighting men with severe nearsightedness, they just drive on. I recall one Marine I knew of years ago who went to war with four pairs of glasses, one pair he actually sewed into a garment so that he could find them in the dark if need be.

  3. Cautiously Pessimistic says:

    That’s good to know. I haven’t been to a gun show yet, but it’s on the list now.

  4. A lot of the better dealers at gun shows tend to be FFLs so they’ll still need to record the transaction in their logs and do the NICS check, etc. In my experience, private sellers at gun shows tend to be a land of misfit toys, but maybe I’m just unlucky.

    In addition to ordinary classifieds, look for a locally oriented firearms forum. Those will frequently have a classifieds forum for arranging private sales and over time, better selection than gun shows.

    BTW, AR10308, given your handle, would you be interested in doing a guide to building a .308 AR-style rifle? I’m just starting to take a look at that and with the different receivers for SR-25 pattern and “real” AR-10 pattern rifles, and compatibility of mags and parts with the different receivers, it makes it a touch more confusing than throwing together a 5.56 AR. If you have the time and inclination to do it right, that might be a tremendous post.

  5. okrahead says:

    Black rifles are fine and fun, and ideally everyone should own one…. But if that is not practical for some reason (let’s say you live in a less than free blue state such as CA).
    Shotguns are good for short-range self defense, have a wide variety of ammunition available to meet multiple needs, and are you’re best all-around tool for hunting. A 12 gauge may be used from anything from doves and ducks to deer, elk or bear… just change your load. Pump action shotguns are legal in all states at this time, and they can be had dirt cheap. A basic Remington 870 can be had for 1/5 the price of a good quality AR rifle, so if you need to survive on a budget….
    Insofar as handguns are concerned, do not overlook the “antiquated” wheelgun…i.e. revolvers. If you’re looking for aftermarket/second hand weapons that may be purchased without all that ridiculous federal paperwork, many good-quality revolvers are available. Additionally, a .357, .44 magnum or .45 long colt are all good weapons for taking medium to large game; far better than most defensive rounds in semi-autos. Ruger revolvers are inexpensive, and with a bare minimum of maintenance will last for decades of use.

  6. Sis says:

    We don’t have any guns, I hate deer meat.

    • ar10308 says:

      I don’t own them for hunting. I’ve never killed a single living creature with a gun, not that I’m against. I’d love to go hunting with someone (my dad didn’t hunt and my mom hates guns), it’s just that there aren’t many people I know who have the land or know where the good spots to find deer (aside from the suburbs I live in which they currently infest).

      • Sis says:

        My father is a farmer and hunts every year, he’s taken my husband hunting several times too. That’s too funny that deer are infesting the suburbs, that’s why they still give out hunting licenses for deer around here, if there are too many, it will cause car accidents.

      • ar10308 says:

        Yeah, there are tons of deer strikes in this area when the rut starts. You basically can’t drive a day on the highway without seeing a dead deer in a different spot every day.

    • Hamster Tamer says:

      It’s called venison, and you just don’t know how to prepare and cook it. (Don’t make me spank you, for wasting the Lord’s bounty, lol.) Of course it also depends on the deer’s recent diet. The ones that have been getting into the farmer’s cornfields… YYYYyyuMmmy!

  7. Hamster Tamer says:

    … know where the good spots to find deer (aside from the suburbs I live in which they currently infest).

    A good compound bow and some broadhead-tipped arrows sound (pun) like just the ticket for the suburban poacher, err, I mean hunter-gatherer. ;^) And of course a Wyoming knife for caping the hide, and other dressing chores.

  8. holyhandgrenadeofantioch says:

    Hi AR,
    SSM said you would be OK with me asking some very “newbe” questions about buying a new AR style rifle. With all of SHTF with the school tragedy I now have to reconsider the time to buy. I had thought to wait, hopefully try a few to see what I liked or didn’t. BUT now I feel like if I don’t buy soon I might not have the chance later.
    The company’s that are at the top of my list are #1) Colt, #2) Sig Sauer, #3) Rock River, #4) Stag.
    My experience is ZERO- my choices are purely by reviews of what seem to be the top (and most likely to be around for the long hall) brands. What others should I have in a “top 5″??
    Size??? I like (what I’ve read) the idea of an 18” barrel and a 5.56 NATO cal. But I’ve seen a few models designed to easy switch back and forth from 5.56 to 7.62. I like the idea alot… but is it just a flashy toy and not a good product??

    Gas or piston? Adjustable?
    Irons or optics?
    AND where to buy? online, local store, order direct from the manufacture?

    OK… as you can see I’ve got alot of questions. Thanks for your time. You can post an answer/comment at my “blog” if that’s a better place for you (it will be lonely- even I haven’t posted anything there). And if you don’t want to “publish” this I’m cool- I thought this would be a better post to ask about buying a gun then on a post about the school shooting (bad taste, no need for everybody to think I’m un-sympathetic wing-nut).
    Thanks again,
    All good wishes,

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