A How-To On FAILing A Wedding Night Shit-Test: A Boundless Podcast


Our dear Church Beta Michael goes on to tell us (@14:00mins ) about how he made sure to accomdate all three absurd requests of his new wife (“Go get this from the car”x3) before consumating his marriage.  Nevermind that they just spent at least 5-figures worth of money on a the most perfect wedding her mind could dream up, he still needed to go be her errand boy before she was ready to accept him into the vagina he just spent months, if not years earning.

What she was really doing is shit-testing him. She was begging him to be her Alpha male who took on the role of her dominant husband and require her to submit to his leadership cock. His wife couldn’t have more blatantly invited him to tell her what’s what. That’s why she did it 3 times. Each time she was saying “Want ME more than what say I want”, “Show me you are strong enough to deflect my stupidity”. She doesn’t want to feel comfortable. She wants to feel turned-on; sexually aroused; she wants you to get that hamster running and rev her fucking tingle! And what does our dutiful Church Beta do?

And on the third time our Michael was denied his cock crowed… and he said “This is fun. If we don’t get to this point where we are free to enjoy each others body’s tonight, that’s fine.” And in so doing gave total control of his sexuality over to his wife.

Comment on how you would nuke this shit test.
A few of my ideas:
“Those things can wait until tomorrow, because it is time to make the donuts.”
“I have more important business to attend to. Like your body.”
“I’m sorry, but something has more important has arisen: My cock.”
“Ain’t gonna happen. This is D-Day for about 200million furious soldiers ready to invade your fertile grounds.”
“The golden calf can wait. My Israelites have been in the desert for 40 years and they are primed to enter the Promised Land of milk and honey.”

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6 Responses to A How-To On FAILing A Wedding Night Shit-Test: A Boundless Podcast

  1. Cautiously Pessimistic says:

    Yeah, a lot of men (less nowadays, maybe) believe the wedding is the last step to a free sex pass. Nope. It varies from woman to woman, but gaming your wife is necessary if you want to establish and maintain an active sex life. No, it doesn’t matter how up front you’ve been with her about your needs, or what kind of understandings y’all came to prior to marriage. A husband needs game. Confined to his wife, of course (not that she necessarily needs to hear that limitation made explicit).

  2. sunshinemary says:

    I predict a lot of housework and masturbation in this man’s future.

  3. Cautiously Pessimistic says:

    Speaking as a recovering beta, the sad and enraging thing about all this is it’s been beaten into many of us, literally all our lives (Currently in my 40’s), that supplicating is the way to make yourself attractive to a woman. When going through blue pill withdrawal, it’s very difficult not to turn misogynist. Learning to use the red pill responsibly while fighting through the bitterness and anger is tough, and I can sympathize with men that don’t bother trying. Fortunately, I’m married to a good woman, so I’ve got an incentive to try.

    • ar10308 says:

      Yep. Some days I have to fight quite hard in order to not hate and express anger at the women in my life, like my mom. This coming holiday weekend will be especially tough since my mom is the greatest cause of my Betatude in my life. I guess I blame my father as a close second for not giving me any advice whatsoever on the topic.

      This past weekend, myself and 3 friends (a married couple, and an unfortunately unattractive girl my age) spent time at my parents house for a college football game. I just know my mom is going to bring up how much she liked the ugly girl (a 3) and that I should try to go after her since she obviously likes me. If she points out any stupid fallacy that “looks don’t matter” when I respond with why I’m not interested, I’ll just tell her that my dad probably took that advice.

      I know this anger has to work its way out, but I’m not always sure how to handle things in the meantime. Though standing up for myself when I need to definitely helps.

      • Cautiously Pessimistic says:

        Yeah, Mom is a tough one. When my mother found out I voted for Bush, she asked me in all seriousness why I hated women. My father’s worse. I’ve found over time that the best way to deal with my parents is to shun them. We’re in different cities, and rarely interact. When we do, I make it abundantly clear that they are on thin ice and best be on good behavior around me. Now that they’re wanting me to take care of them in their old age (I’m an only child), they’re much less abrasive. I suppose it’s a bit like game for parents, really. Except I really don’t want anything from them apart from their absence.

        Sad. Maybe if I’d blown up at them earlier, or found the red pill earlier, we’d have a better relationship. I doubt it, though. They drank deeply of the Kool-Aid, and still find it mighty tasty.

        And yeah, dealing with the anger feels like defusing a bomb. Made all the more difficult as I was brought up without any means of dealing with anger, apart from internalizing and suppressing it.

        On a happier note, kittens are warm and fuzzy.

  4. Sis says:

    Haha, that’s terrible of her. Score one for the women, just kidding. My husband considers it a failure if he can’t pile all of our suitcases, pillows, snacks, swimgear and whatever else we NEED on that trolley thing with wheels in one trip. If he has to make two trips he grumbles to no end, we’ve had some embarassingly full elevator trips, it’s like he’s lost whatever competition that exists in his mind. I’m just thankful he carries the suitcases. He carries, I unpack and do laundry, that works well for us.

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